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September 17, 2022

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Jaime Robles: “If They Don’t Explain to You What Feelings You Have to Look For, It’s Tough to Find Them”

It is with great pleasure that maestro Jaime Robles, one of the key figures of the double bass in Spain has agreed to give Bass Magazine an interview. As former principal double bass of the Spanish National Orchestra, he spent  →
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Chi-chi Nwanoku: “We Can Learn From History, but We Will Be Judged by Our Actions Today”

Bassist and educator Chi-chi Nwanoku CBE discusses how the past impacts our present, from approaches to musical style to how we view the 21st-century orchestra. The founder of the Chineke! Orchestra shares what experiences from her past have inspired her  →
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Dane Roberts: “I Think if Someone Really Wants to Get Into Early Music, They Should Start With a Single Piece or Composer They Are Fascinated by and Follow the Obvious Leads. You Will Be Surprised How Far That Will Take You!”

Double bassist with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and Freiburg Baroque Orchestra and Teacher of Violone and Historical Bass in Graz and Frankfurt, Dane Roberts details his experience as a musician from the United States and Europe and his thoughts  →
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Herng-Yu Pan: “Auditioning Taught Me How to Fail, and I Think This Is a Good Thing to Learn as a Musician”

Herng-Yu Pan, double bassist with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Professor at the Central Conservatory of Beijing, offers insights about her first few years playing in a major symphony orchestra and teaching across the world during a pandemic.  →
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Franco Petracchi: “Study Is the Essence That Allows You to Work and Teach Successfully”

Franco Petracchi is a master of masters. He rarely gives interviews, so we are extremely fortunate that he has agreed to this exclusive interview for Bass Magazine subscribers. Enjoy what one of the most relevant characters of the double bass  →
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Lorraine Campet: “We Don’t Play an Instrument; We Express Emotions in Music Through an Instrument That We Love”

Internationally known for her double bass and violin playing, Lorraine Campet shares her perspective on playing more than one instrument professionally, promoting the double bass as a solo instrument, and her future projects.  →
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Phoebe Russell: “Playing Solo and Orchestral Music on the Double Bass Are Two Separate Kettles of Fish”

Principal Double Bass with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra Phoebe Russell talks with us about her time in the Karajan Academy, her appointment to the QSO, and how she balances solo and orchestral playing in her busy schedule.  →
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Christine Hoock: “Playing in an Orchestra Is Like Being a Part of a Mosaic, and the Bass Section Is a Little Mosaic Within That”

Orchestral bassist and professor at the renowned Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Christine Hoock talks about her most important teachers, what it’s like to play as a team in a bass section, her experience recording solo and chamber music, and her  →
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David Heyes: “I Am Proud of the Range of Music I Have Commissioned and Publish”

In this interview, we have David Heyes, double bass teacher at Wells Cathedral School (UK) and founder of the Recital Music publishing house.  →
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Owen Lee: “If We Bassists Want the Top Composers to Write for Us, Then We Should Also Champion the Works by Top Composers That Have Been Already Written”

Owen Lee is principal double bass of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. He has extensive experience as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician, but he also has a special  →
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