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September 17, 2022

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Milan Turković

We are very excited to introduce Bass Magazine's Featured Artist for the September issue: Austrian bassoonist and conductor Milan Turković.  →
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Shannon Lowe’s Tips for Bassoon Students and Teachers

Dr Shannon Lowe (professor at the University of Florida) shares with Bassoon Magazine a series of interesting tips for students and teachers.  →
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Shannon Lowe: “We Improve as Teachers When We Continue That Quest for Knowledge and Invite Others to Share and Learn”

Dr Shannon Lowe is the Assistant Professor of Bassoon and Aural Skills at the University of Florida, principal bassoonist of the Albany (GA) Symphony Orchestra, and an avid and active chamber musician.  →
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Miles Maner’s Advice and Practice Tips

Don't miss these practice tips from Miles Maner (bassoon and contrabassoon of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra).  →
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Miles Maner: “Look Anywhere and Everywhere for Inspiration”

Miles Maner is contrabassoon/bassoon of the Chicago Symphony, and in this exclusive interview, he talks about his inspiring progression as an orchestral musician — never pass up an opportunity!  →
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Shannon Lowe — “A Musical Bouquet” (MSR Classics)

Dr Shannon Lowe (University of Florida professor) released a fantastic album in 2020, getting great reviews. Listen to it here!  →
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My COVID Concerto

Performing a concerto with orchestra requires a different skill-set than that normally employed by an orchestral musician, especially a bassoonist. Whereas an orchestral bassoonist will typically carry a prominent musical line for a short time, a bassoon soloist carries most  →
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Milan Turković’s Advice to Young Bassoon Players

Milan Turković, the historic soloist and principal bassoon of the Vienna Symphony, now a conductor, discusses his activity during the pandemic and shares some tips for aspiring musicians.  →
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Milan Turković: “Every Person Is Different and Learns in a Different Way”

Austrian bassoonist and conductor Milan Turković discusses his amazing career as an internationally acclaimed bassoon soloist, his time with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and other ensembles, his conducting career, his teaching experience, advice for creating professional recordings and his upcoming  →
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