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September 17, 2022

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Jan Vogler

We are proud to announce Cello Magazine's Featured Artist for March: Jan Vogler.  →
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Wall-to-Wall Cellists

Five and a half hours of music for cello in one evening! When you gather around the greatest cellists of our times, this is a highly entertaining affair. Jan Vogler, himself a cellist and the director of the Dresden Music  →
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Yo-Yo Ma — “The Duty to Care”

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Highlighting Black Voices Within the Classical Music Community

Josie Campbell, founder of the University of Tennessee Black Musicians Alliance in the USA and now a student at the Royal Academy of Music London in the UK, talks to Nadège Rochat about some of her projects and the current  →
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Josie Campbell: “After ‘Black Lives Matter’ There Was a Big Push to Start Playing Music by Underrepresented Groups”

Josie Campbell is a young American cellist studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London through a Marshall Scholarship who is committed to bringing music by underrepresented groups to the stage. Nadège Rochat speaks with her about her experience  →
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Josephine Knight — “Schumann Conzertstück, Piatti Concerto No. 2” (Dutton)

Josephine Knight talks to Nadège Rochat about her urtext edition and her recording of Schumann's Concerto (Concertstück).  →
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Josephine Knight: “Seeing the Autograph of Schumann’s Conzertstück Was a Revelation for Me”

Josephine Knight holds the Piatti Chair of Cello at the Royal Academy of Music London. She has recently done research on the autograph of Schumann's Concerto (originally titled 'Conzertstück'), which she has edited with Peters and recorded with the Royal  →
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New Edition of the Pablo Casals International Award for Young Cellists

The Pablo Casals International Award is open to cello students from all over the world born after 31 December 2000 and will offer three grand prizes of 18,000 euros, 12,000 euros and 6,000 euros.  →
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Eckart Runge on His Current Projects

Eckart Runge tells Nadège Rochat about his current projects, as a soloist and with his duo colleague Jacques Ammon.  →
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Eckart Runge: “Many Things Are Not Written in Musical Scores, and You Have to Just Trust Your Instinct on That”

Nadège Rochat has an interesting conversation with Eckart Runge, who is probably one of the most versatile European cellists who can be seen in his eclectic Duo Runge&Ammon, in a more traditional chamber ensembles, or as a soloist with orchestra.  →
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