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September 17, 2022

Cello Interviews
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Josie Campbell: “After ‘Black Lives Matter’ There Was a Big Push to Start Playing Music by Underrepresented Groups”

Josie Campbell is a young American cellist studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London through a Marshall Scholarship who is committed to bringing music by underrepresented groups to the stage. Nadège Rochat speaks with her about her experience  →
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Josephine Knight: “Seeing the Autograph of Schumann’s Conzertstück Was a Revelation for Me”

Josephine Knight holds the Piatti Chair of Cello at the Royal Academy of Music London. She has recently done research on the autograph of Schumann's Concerto (originally titled 'Conzertstück'), which she has edited with Peters and recorded with the Royal  →
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Eckart Runge: “Many Things Are Not Written in Musical Scores, and You Have to Just Trust Your Instinct on That”

Nadège Rochat has an interesting conversation with Eckart Runge, who is probably one of the most versatile European cellists who can be seen in his eclectic Duo Runge&Ammon, in a more traditional chamber ensembles, or as a soloist with orchestra.  →
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Jan Vogler: “We Want Our Audience to Experience the Human Emotion We Are Portraying”

Cellist Jan Vogler discusses his amazing musical career, his relationship and collaboration with Bill Murray, his upcoming projects, his practice routine during the pandemic, advice for new generations of musicians, and the evolution of the language of music.  →
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William Molina Cestari: “As Teachers, We Need to Have the Right Lenses to See What Fits Our Students Better”

William Molina Cestari is one of the most important Latin American cellists of the past and present century. He will talk about his heritage from so many great cellists, his favourite cello repertoire, teaching and his passions.  →
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Wendy Law: “It’s Good to Show People That I’m Not Perfect and That I’m Still Learning and Growing. That’s What Music Should Be About”

Renowned cellist, Wendy Law, discusses her life as a soloist, her love for social media, her thoughts on perfectionism, and an exciting upcoming project.  →
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Jo Cole: “Even Though Practising Can Feel Demoralising, It Is Important to Keep the Instrument Alive With You”

Cellist Jo Cole discusses her beginnings as a professional cellist, her time teaching at the Royal Northern College of Music, her role as Head of Strings of the Royal Academy of Music in London, her writing and blog, and useful  →
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Alban Gerhardt: “You Should Have a Wide Horizon. Do Not Be Too Proud to Do the Basic Routines”

German cellist Alban Gerhardt discusses his background in music and cello playing, his experience playing new cello repertoire, his Patreon, recent projects and recordings, as well as advice and tips for cellists of all ages.  →
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Joel Dallow: “You Should Not Pursue a Career in Music Unless You Can’t Imagine Yourself Doing Anything Else”

Joel Dallow is a member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's cello section and has over 20 years of performance, teaching, and programming experience.  →
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Natalie Haas: “It Is Essential to Broaden Your Horizons a Little Bit and See What Else Is Out There”

In this interview, cellist Natalie Haas discusses her background in cello and fiddle music, her passion for fiddle camp, her current practice routine, life as a touring musician, and several new projects and music.  →
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