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September 17, 2022

Guitar Interviews
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Adam Levin: “I’m a ‘Guitar Hustler’ and I Like to Work to the Max”

Here at Guitar Magazine, we are very proud to interview Adam Levin, one of the leading figures on the international classical guitar scene right now. Many thanks to Adam for sitting down with us to talk about what he’s been  →
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Gabriel Bianco: “I Never Get Tired of Playing or Listening to Johann Sebastian Bach’s Music on the Guitar!”

Here at Guitar Magazine, we are very proud to interview Gabriel Bianco, a young leading figure on the international classical guitar scene. Many thanks to Gabriel for sitting down with us to talk about what he’s been up to lately.  →
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David Russell: “If You Are Not Confident in What You Intend to Offer, Then You Will Find It Difficult to Inspire Confidence in Others”

Here at Guitar Magazine, we are very proud to interview David Russell, a leading figure in the international classical guitar scene. Thanks to David, several generations of musicians have now picked up our instrument.  →
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Arnaud Dumond: “The Individual Work of Improvement Is 90% Of Our Activity as a Musician”

In this interview, we have Arnaud Dumond, a prominent French guitarist and composer with whom we talk about his long career as well as current and future projects.  →
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Interview with the Eos Guitar Quartet

Julio Azcano, Marcel Ege, David Sautter and Michael Winkler are the members of the Eos Guitar Quartet. If something makes them stand out, it is their huge versatility; they have dared to play all kinds of repertoire, obtaining great public  →
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Damien Aribert: “The Teacher’s Role Is to Guide and Explain”

We interviewed French guitarist and composer Damien Aribert, a pupil of Emmanuel Rossfelder who teaches in Normandy. Within this interview, he discussed his teaching philosophy and compositions.  →
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Manuel Barrueco: “Music Is What Feelings Sound Like”

We interviewed Manuel Barrueco, one of the most inspiring names in classical guitar. Barrueco stands out within an outstanding generation, being an artist who has contributed rich information and knowledge to future generations of guitarists. This conversation discusses the most  →
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Eduardo Martín: “The More You Get Into the Atmosphere and Essence of a Musical Genre, the More You Will Enjoy It”

In this interview, we have Eduardo Martín, one of the leading exponents of the Cuban guitar, who talks about his career, his compositions and his latest album with the Cuban Guitar Quartet.  →
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Máximo Diego Pujol: “When Musicians Put the Music in the First Place, Staying Behind, They Appeal to the Best of the People”

Máximo Diego Pujol is probably one of the best known Argentine guitarists and composers. Guitar Magazine has had the fortune to talk to him about his career, compositions, and projects.  →
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Tilman Hoppstock: “Our Job as Teachers Is to Bring More Exciting Perspectives to Our Students and Challenge Them to Be Creative With What They Do”

In this interview, guitarist, cellist, and musicologist Tilman Hoppstock (Darmstadt Academy of Music, Germany) explains his experiences researching music, transcribing, and performing in the 21st century.  →
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