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September 17, 2022

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David Cooper

We are very excited to introduce Horn Magazine's Featured Artist for the September issue: David Cooper.  →
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This Is the Place to Go if You Need Horn Repair in the UK

We at Horn Magazine had the opportunity to speak with the owners of Woodhead Horns, Heidi and Luke, who told us how they decided to open their horn repair shop.  →
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Interview with Heidi and Luke Woodhead (Woodhead Horns)

In this interview for Horn Magazine, Will Padfield has the opportunity to talk to the owners of Woodhead Horns, Luke and Heidi Woodhead, two horn players who decided to set up their workshop in London and have become one of  →
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Jonathan Lipton and His Embouchure Change at 18

Not many people know that Jonathan Lipton (horn of the London Symphony for more than three decades) suffered an embouchure change during his student days. In this interview, he talks about how he dealt with this issue that troubles so  →
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Jonathan Lipton: “You Must Put the 12 Feet of Ego Away in the Case and Go for a Mindful Walk”

Jonathan Lipton has been for over 30 years the iconic 4th horn of the London Symphony, with whom he has made memorable performances and recordings. In this interview for Horn Magazine, Lipton talks to Will Padfield about his beginnings with  →
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Anneke Scott on Her Beginnings With the Natural Horn

How does a horn player's interest in the natural horn begin? Anneke Scott, one of the leading specialists in natural horn, talks a bit about this subject in Horn Magazine.  →
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Anneke Scott: “If We Want to Be a Cultural Force for Good and Engage With Members of the Public, It Is Vital That We Are All Openly Positive About What We Do”

In Horn Magazine, we are fortunate to have Anneke Scott, probably one of the most outstanding specialists in natural horn and period brass instruments, who has vast experience playing with leading ensembles. In this interview with Will Padfield, she talks  →
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Felix Klieser: “Making Music, for Me, Is All About Making People Happy and Giving Them a Beautiful Time”

Felix Klieser talks to Will Padfield for Horn Magazine about his beginnings with the horn, practising with the instrument, his current and future projects, and of course, his latest album releases.  →
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Felix Klieser & Zemlinsky Quartet — Mozart & Haydn (Berlin Classics)

Felix Klieser has just released his latest album with the Zemlinsky Quartet on Berlin Classics, featuring arrangements of works by Mozart and Haydn as well as Mozart's original Horn Quintet for this unique ensemble.  →
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Felix Klieser

We are very excited to welcome Horn Magazine's Featured Artist for our April issue: Felix Klieser.  →
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