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September 17, 2022

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Cynthia Yeh

We are thrilled to present Percussion Magazine's Featured Artist for October: Cynthia Yeh (Chicago Symphony).  →
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Some Tips for Percussion Students From John Lawless

During his interview for Percussion Magazine, John Lawless (Director of Percussion Studies, Kennesaw State University) shared some tips for students.  →
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John Lawless: “No One Wants to Hear You Say How Good You Are; Just Play!”

John Lawless is the principal timpanist for the Atlanta Opera Orchestra, Georgia Symphony, Columbus (GA) Symphony, and the Johns Creek Symphony. He held this position in the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera Orchestra for 21 seasons. John started subbing with the  →
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Vadim Karpinos on the Audition Process

Vadim Karpinos (Assistant Principal Timpani and Percussion, Chicago Symphony) addresses in this interview some concerns about the orchestral audition process.  →
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Vadim Karpinos: “Always Try to Get Better Even When You’re Good at Something”

Vadim Karpinos is the only percussionist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra who plays in the timpani and percussion sections. In this interview, he talks about his career, gives us some tips, and even shares an interesting PDF technique exercise.  →
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The Voyage of the Black Madonna

Alessandra Belloni tells us about her research on the Black Madonna and her musical project around this goddess that comes from ancient times.  →
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Alessandra Belloni, the Tambourine and the Power of “Tarantella”

Alessandra Belloni talks to Percussion Magazine about the use of the tambourine in her musical and dance projects, and its healing power.  →
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Alessandra Belloni: “When We Played This Music for People, It Wasn’t Only Healing for Us; It Was Healing for the Communities”

We sit down with Italian singer, teacher, ethnomusicologist, and percussionist Alessandra Belloni to discuss her experiences learning tambourine from the people of Southern Italy and the role in bringing the music associated with the Black Madonna to people all over  →
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Alessandra Belloni

We are excited to introduce Percussion Magazine's Featured Artist for March: Alessandra Belloni.  →
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Drum Technique Books Recommended by Dom Moio

Dom Moio, celebrated jazz drummer and faculty member at Arizona State University, recommends some books on drum technique.  →
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