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Handcrafted Pianos in China: Zhang Gangning and the Endless Search of a Unique Piano Tone

The music instrument industry in China, supported by mechanised mass production, has enjoyed remarkable financial success in the past decades. However, in many cases, mass musical instruments production suffers from a lack of accuracy in the assembly process. Zhang Gangning  →
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György Sebők: Pedagogical Highlights From a Master

György Sebők (November 2, 1922 - November 14, 1999) is one of the most distinguished pedagogues of the 20th century, and his influence on my artistic development has been invaluable. Despite the absence of any particular method he followed, he  →
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The Healing Power of Aesthetics

In this article, the author follows diverse aesthetic, therapeutic and educational facets of musical reception and production. From the levels of meaning of the aesthetic in art and music, she draws a bridge to the analogy between the love of  →
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Emotion, Experimentation, and Education: C. P. E. Bach’s Württemberg Sonatas

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach is a composer whose music, though admired by all of the great composers of his day, is today only infrequently heard on the concert stage or utilized in the teaching studio. During his lifetime, however, C.  →
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Thoughts on Learning All of Beethoven’s Sonatas

If when it comes to writing or talking about something so well known as Beethoven’s piano sonatas is almost impossible to avoid repeating what’s already been said, it’s also true that the necessity of looking into this music is always  →
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Your Mother Wants You to Be a Doctor but You Want to Be a Collaborative Pianist

"Accompanists: the unsung heroes of music," trumpeted Britain’s The Guardian in 2012. If you are, like me, in the business of what we in the United States call collaborative piano, you would have had a good-news/bad-news reaction. The good news  →
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