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September 17, 2022

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Melissa Aldana

We are very excited to introduce Sax Magazine's Featured Artist for February: Chilean saxophonist Melissa Aldana, who is about to release her new album, "12 Stars", on Blue Note.  →
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2nd “eiSAXional” on La Palma, Canary Islands

The Canary Island of La Palma, recently damaged by a volcanic eruption, celebrates the 2nd "eiSAXional", an event that deserves the attention of all saxophonists.  →
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Marius Neset — “Manmade” (Chandos)

Norwegian jazz saxophonist and composer Marius Neset talks to Sax Magazine about his latest release, "Manmade" (Chandos), with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.  →
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Starting Point—Modes and Patterns

Abstract: Tags: Improvising, Jazz, Modes, Patterns, Practice, Saxophone View Full Content Log in through your school or library Cite this Item:  →
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Marius Neset: “When I Play the Sax, I Want to Be Able to Use It as a Tool for Creative Expression. That’s What I Want to Do Most With My Music”

In this interview, jazz saxophonist Marius Neset details his early career successes as well as a new release called 'Manmade' Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra, recorded with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.  →
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Melissa Aldana — “12 Stars” (Blue Note)

Melissa Aldana will be releasing her new album, "12 Stars" (Blue Note), on 4 March, and she talked about it with Derek Brown for Sax Magazine. Listen to a couple of tracks here.  →
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Melissa Aldana: “In the Moment”

Melissa Aldana talks in this interview with Derek Brown about her new release, "12 Stars" on Blue Note, her career, music and life.  →
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Let’s Go Outside!

This article is aimed at the advancing jazz saxophonist. While not going into too much detail on any particular topic, I wanted to give an overview of how one might develop fluidity in non-diatonic sounds. I feel that the  →
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Valentine Michaud — John Williams’ “Escapades” with the City Light Symphony Orchestra (Prospero Classical)

Sax Magazine talked to Valentine Michaud about his participation in the recording of John Williams' "Escapades" with the City Light Symphony Orchestra. Listen to it here!  →
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Valentine Michaud: “Classical Saxophone Is a Very Special Entity. You Have to Make It Interesting for Your Audience in Order to Be Successful”

Classical saxophone soloist and entrepreneur Valentine Michaud talks at length about her experience in forming a career through diverse projects, staying organised during busy times, and what she learned during the pandemic.  →
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