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September 17, 2022

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Lucienne Renaudin-Vary

We are thrilled to announce Trumpet Magazine's Artist of the Month for October: Lucienne Renaudin-Vary.  →
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Alex Norris on His New Album, “Fleet From the Heat” (SteepleChase)

2022 marks Alex Norris' 30th year on the scene in NYC. In this interview, he talks to Arthur Zanin about what motivated him to develop his latest album, "Fleet From the Heat" (SteepleChase, 2021), and what's hidden in each piece  →
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Alex Norris: “Be Good, Be Professional, Be Nice”

In this interview, Alex Norris talks about his career playing with some of the top ensembles and artists in the music scene, his new album and gives some advice for young musicians beginning their careers.  →
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Alison Balsom on Her New Album, “Quiet City” (Warner Classics)

Alison Balsom discusses the repertoire selections for her new album, her close partnership with Simon Wright while arranging Gershwin, equipment, the meaning of Ives's "Unanswered Question," and her homage to Miles Davis.  →
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Alison Balsom: “Keep Going, Keep Seeking Out New Experiences That Remind You Why You Love It and That Inspire You All Over Again”

In this interview, Alison Balsom discusses her career, inspirations, the Balsom Ensemble, her passion for period instruments and the new five-album deal with Warner.  →
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Alison Balsom

We proudly present Trumpet Magazine's Featured Artist for our August issue: Alison Balsom.  →
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Ryan Gardner on His UC Boulder Students’ Success at NTC

During his interview for Trumpet Magazine, we of course asked Ryan Gardner about the enormous success his students at the University of Colorado Boulder have achieved at the National Trumpet Competition — they have won both the Small and Large  →
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Ryan Gardner: “I’m Just Lucky to Be Able to Work With Such Inspiring Students That Make Every Day a Pleasure”

Dr Ryan Gardner is the Associate Professor of Trumpet at UC Boulder. In this interview, he talks about his career and the recent successes of his students at the National Trumpet Competition. Dr Gardner’s students have won every collegiate division  →
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Treasures at Dillon Music

If anyone knows about old trumpets, it's Steve Dillon. During this visit to Dillon Music, Steve showed us a beautiful keyed bugle manufactured by E.G. Wright in Boston in the mid-nineteenth century and a rare "box valve" cornet manufactured by  →
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Matthias Höfs on His Next ‘Oskar Böhme’ Album and Other Projects

During his interview for Trumpet Magazine, Matthias Höfs told us about his upcoming album featuring his arrangements of works by Oskar Böhme and other exciting projects that will soon see the light of day in 2022.  →
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