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September 17, 2022

Trumpet Interviews
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Alex Norris: “Be Good, Be Professional, Be Nice”

In this interview, Alex Norris talks about his career playing with some of the top ensembles and artists in the music scene, his new album and gives some advice for young musicians beginning their careers.  →
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Alison Balsom: “Keep Going, Keep Seeking Out New Experiences That Remind You Why You Love It and That Inspire You All Over Again”

In this interview, Alison Balsom discusses her career, inspirations, the Balsom Ensemble, her passion for period instruments and the new five-album deal with Warner.  →
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Ryan Gardner: “I’m Just Lucky to Be Able to Work With Such Inspiring Students That Make Every Day a Pleasure”

Dr Ryan Gardner is the Associate Professor of Trumpet at UC Boulder. In this interview, he talks about his career and the recent successes of his students at the National Trumpet Competition. Dr Gardner’s students have won every collegiate division  →
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Matthias Höfs: “If You Can Play a Simple Melody Beautifully You Are a Musician; If You Can Only Play Perfect You Are a Trumpet Player”

The legendary trumpet player Matthias Höfs discusses exciting topics such as the German Brass, rehearsing with a group, playing on the piccolo, brass arrangements, teaching… This interview is a must for all of us who love the iconic German sound.  →
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Simon Höfele: “I Love Haydn, Hummel and Arutiunian, but There Is More Beyond That”

In a short time, Simon Höfele has become one of the most celebrated trumpet players of this generation, rising to the status of internationally renowned soloist and being invited to play with orchestras such as the Royal Concertgebouw and the  →
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Lucienne Renaudin-Vary: “Follow Your Instinct. Just Enjoy What You Do and Be Yourself”

Lucienne Renaudin-Vary has had an exciting and rewarding career as one of the youngest female trumpet players in the world. She discusses her early background in music, her love of both classical and jazz genres, her new album, her inspirations,  →
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Kevin Paul: “Things Happen in Unexpected Ways, so Have Fun and Keep At It Until a Door Opens Up”

Kevin Paul, co-creator of and member of the U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own,” shares about his background as a performer and some of his experiences playing in Washington D.C.  →
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Paul Merkelo: “Tell a Story When You Play and Believe In Your Own Story”

Paul Merkelo, Principal Trumpet of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, shares what first inspired him as a musician, juggling a solo and orchestral career and much more in this exclusive interview.  →
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Ronald Romm: “Don’t Do the Same Thing That Everyone Else Does, or You Will Be Considered a Knock-off of Other Things That Are Out There”

Ronald Romm has been very generous in this exclusive interview for Trumpet Magazine, addressing topics such as the founding of Canadian Brass and many more related to his extensive career in music.  →
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Tine Thing Helseth: “I Want to Be a Role Model for Young Girls Wanting to Take up the Trumpet, to Show That Equality Is Important and Everyone Should Be Judged Solely on Their Playing”

In this interview for Trumpet Magazine, Tine Thing Helseth talks about a little bit of everything: how she has dealt with these pandemic times, her career, her projects, her life… Amazing!  →
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