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September 17, 2022

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Roger Bobo

We are very excited to introduce Tuba Magazine's Featured Artist for the September issue: Roger Bobo.  →
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Danielle VanTuinen’s Tips for Tuba and Euphonium Students and Teachers

Dr Danielle VanTuinen (University of Florida) shares with Tuba Magazine a series of interesting tips whether you are a student or a teacher.  →
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Tuba Tips and Exercises Recommended by Gene Pokorny

Gene Pokorny (Chicago Symphony) gives advice for tuba players, as well as recommended exercises. Downloadable PDF included!  →
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Roger Bobo’s Advice for Aspiring Tuba Players

If you play the tuba and are looking for advice from a great player, you can't miss these ideas shared by Roger Bobo on Tuba Magazine. A sample of his method is included!  →
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Available Recordings of Roger Bobo

We at Tuba Magazine have put together a compilation of Roger Bobo's recordings that are still available through Crystal Records. Check out this list!  →
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