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September 17, 2022

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Francisco Fullana

We are delighted to present Violin Magazine's Artist of the Month for October 2021: Francisco Fullana.  →
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Midori on Her 40th Anniversary on Stage

During her interview for Violin Magazine, Midori gave us a preview of some of the events that will be held on the occasion of his 40th anniversary on stage during the 22-23 season.  →
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Philipp Broch, 1812-1864, Notable Jewish Violinist and Composer

Traces the career of Philipp Broch (1812-1864), a Jewish violinist and composer born in Prossnitz/Prostějov, Moravia, and part of the first full generation of Jews able to take advantage of religious toleration in order to have careers in the arts  →
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Mikhail Pochekin Presents His Transcription for Violin of Albéniz’s “Asturias”

The talented violinist Mikhail Pochekin, in love with Spanish music, has just released his transcription of the famous piece "Asturias" by Albéniz. Here you can watch a video of how it sounds and a sample of the sheet music.  →
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Midori: “Being a Music Teacher Is Not Only About Sharing How to Play an Instrument, but Also How to Be a Person”

Violin Magazine is pleased to present this interview with a true living legend of the violin: Midori, who in the 22-23 season will be celebrating her 40th anniversary on stage.  →
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We proudly present Violin Magazine's Featured Artist for the August issue: Midori.  →
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Sebastian Bohren — Mozart: Violin Concertos Nos. 3 & 5 (Avie Records)

Sebastian Bohren talks to Violin Magazine about his latest solo album: Mozart Concertos 3 & 5 with the Chaarts Chamber Artists on Avie Records. Listen to it here!  →
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Sebastian Bohren: “The Thing About Violin Playing Is That It’s Like a Fresh Dish; It Has to Be Prepared and Served à la minute”

Internationally renowned violin soloist Sebastian Bohren tells us about his early inspiration for becoming a violinist, his time in the Stradivari Quartet, and his exciting new recordings of Mozart concerti.  →
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Being a Transgender Woman of Colour in the Classical Music World

Tona Brown talks to Violin Magazine about her experience as a transgender woman of colour in the classical music world. There's a lot to learn here.  →
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Tona Brown: “When You Decide to Go Into the Classical Music World With a Desire to Leave a Legacy for People in the Future, There Will Always Be Risk Involved”

Tona Brown, an exceptionally talented and respected transgender woman of colour, shares her story: how she first became involved with music, how her mentors encouraged her along the way, and her experience in the classical music world.  →
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