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Arnaud Dumond: “The Individual Work of Improvement Is 90% Of Our Activity as a Musician”


Arnaud Dumond, a self-taught musician, shares insights into his musical journey, beginning with the chance discovery of the guitar as his “secret garden.” Reflecting on encounters with masters like Emilio Pujol and John Williams, Dumond emphasizes the lessons learned—from the obligation of authentic sound to imaginative problem-solving with transgressive fingerings.

His student years at the École Normale de Musique and success at the Concours de Paris reveal the fragility of his early musical foundation. Dumond’s exploration of various styles, collaborations with diverse artists, and the analogy between being a performer and an actor highlight his pursuit of empathy and a struggle against dispersion.

Dumond delves into his nuanced perspective on interpretation, stressing the need for an intense, present-minded engagement. He critiques contemporary trends in guitar-making techniques and discusses his method of composition, emphasizing the importance of allowing ideas to develop naturally.

His career as a composer is explored, revealing a fascination and respect for music’s true masters. Dumond’s teaching philosophy challenges bureaucratic pedagogy, advocating for nurturing individual creativity and the importance of a love affair with music.

In the realm of musical hope for younger generations, Dumond underscores the importance of liberty, equality, and fraternity. His parting advice for young guitarists emphasizes enjoying the journey, loving music above all else, and embracing a holistic education.

As Arnaud Dumond reflects on his past, current projects, and future endeavors, this interview provides an overview of his insights into music, education, and the enduring pursuit of creativity in a rapidly evolving world.

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