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Judicaël Perroy: “I Try to Forget Myself During Teaching, Arguably One of the Most Difficult Things to Do”


This interview with accomplished guitarist Judicaël Perroy provides a comprehensive exploration of his musical journey, from early childhood exposure to the guitar through the evolution of his playing style and professional career. Perroy reflects on the pivotal role of his early teachers, notably Roberto Aussel, in shaping his musical foundation. The narrative traces Perroy’s hiatus from playing during his late teens and the fortuitous restart prompted by a meeting with his former teacher, Raymond Gratien. The interview delves into Perroy’s diverse musical interests, his unconventional return to playing, and the challenges he faced during this period.

The interview further explores Perroy’s perspectives on the classical guitar’s position in the contemporary concert world, contrasting it with instruments like the piano. Perroy shares insights into the unique characteristics of the guitar, its historical evolution, and the challenges and advantages it presents for aspiring musicians. Additionally, the interview touches upon the changing landscape of the guitar profession, addressing concerns about job opportunities and the increasing competition in the field.

Perroy also discusses his experiences as a teacher, reflecting on the shifting dynamics of guitar education and the potential impact of modern composers on enhancing the guitar’s reputation as a serious classical instrument. The interview concludes with Perroy’s thoughts on the evolving role of competitions, the disconnect between competition success and sustainable musical careers, and advice for musicians navigating the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic. Perroy’s rich insights provide valuable perspectives for musicians, educators, and enthusiasts alike, offering a nuanced understanding of the classical guitar in the contemporary musical landscape.

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