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Margarita Escarpa: “Stop Comparing Yourself to Others”


Margarita Escarpa, a distinguished guitarist rooted in a familial appreciation for the arts, discusses her musical journey and pedagogical insights in this interview. From a fortuitous start with guitar lessons at a nearby school, Escarpa developed a passion that led her to complete musical studies in Madrid.

Emphasizing mindful practice over specific exercises, Escarpa advocates for self-awareness and incorporates blindfolded sessions to enhance technique. She encourages flexibility in practice, balancing routine with creativity, and underscores the mental approach’s supremacy over the physical.

Exclusive to Matthias Dammann guitars, Escarpa’s holistic warm-up routine prioritizes breath and body awareness. Beyond physical practice, she incorporates memorization, research, and listening to enrich students’ musical understanding.

The interview explores Escarpa’s recent projects, including the “Virtual Guitar Orchestra” and collaborations celebrating Paganini and Legnani. Despite challenges, she maintains a hopeful outlook, emphasizing living in the present and adapting to change.

As a performer, Escarpa favors Bach, Villa-Lobos, and Debussy, embracing transcriptions. Influenced by David Russell and pianists Sokolov and Argerich, she offers advice to aspiring guitarists, emphasizing individuality, mindful technical practice, and the pursuit of the “flow state.” Through her insights, Escarpa provides a valuable perspective on the artistry and discipline of classical guitar.

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