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Sean Samimi: “A Music Business Education Takes Place on the Job at the Management Companies, Not in School”


The interview with musician Sean Samimi presents a compelling narrative of his journey from a classically trained guitarist to a successful music manager, emphasizing the critical intersection of music and business. Aranjuez Artists, his specialized music management agency focusing on classical guitarists, is explored in the context of the challenges faced by musicians in an industry where marketing decisions often shape artist promotion.

Samimi’s insights extend to the broader role of classical guitar in the modern concert landscape, addressing challenges in promoting chamber music and dispelling misconceptions about the repertoire and demand. The interview also touches on the distinction between exceptional and mediocre players, emphasizing the importance of musicians’ competitiveness and versatility.

In the concluding section, Samimi provides a glimpse into his current projects, reflecting on the impact of the pandemic on his professional and personal life. His involvement in an executive MBA program, aspirations for business expansion in Asia, and reflections on the evolving music business landscape underscore the dynamic nature of his career. The interview offers a nuanced perspective on the intricate relationship between music and business in the classical music domain, weaving together personal experiences, industry insights, and a vision for the future.

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