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Yamandú Costa: “The Guitar Is a Much Larger Instrument Than All Those Categories That We Make up, Which Are So Human and Earthly”


This interview with the renowned musician Yamandú Costa explores the intersections of musical genres and the fluidity of boundaries in the world of music. Costa, who has seamlessly moved between prestigious concert halls and diverse stages, challenges the notion of clear borders between musical styles. Drawing on the wisdom of Brazilian Maestro Tom Jobim, Costa emphasizes the universality of the guitar, transcending cultural and stylistic divides. The interview delves into Costa’s personal experiences, notably his marriage to classical guitarist Elodie Bouny, illustrating how collaboration across genres dismantles preconceived notions and fosters mutual learning.

The narrative unfolds into a reflection on Costa’s childhood immersed in a family of musicians and his unconventional path to becoming a professional guitarist. The discussion highlights the impact of early experiences on his musical foundation, shaping his unique approach to music. The interview also explores Costa’s recent projects, including collaborations with guitar maker Vicente Carrillo and his YouTube channel, “Histórias do Violão,” which serves as a platform for sharing musical insights and narratives.

In addressing the challenges of classical collaborations, Costa provides candid insights into his preferences and the importance of aligning with orchestras and composers who appreciate his musical style. The conversation concludes with advice for aspiring musicians, emphasizing the significance of music as a passion and a way of life rather than a rigid profession. Costa encourages a broader perspective, urging musicians to find joy in creating and connecting, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and harmonious musical landscape.

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