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One of the Oldest International Music Courses in Spain


The Benidorm International Music Course in Alicante (Spain), which has become a musical reference for the summer, celebrates 31 uninterrupted sessions. The next date is from July 1-5, 2019.

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Year after year, the famous Benidorm Course is attended by approx. one hundred students, from several countries, and twenty-five to thirty of them are usually trumpet players. All of them are attracted by the quality and demand of a first class and international teacher, great atmosphere with other classmates and, of course, the good weather and the beach.

As for the trumpet specialty, there none less than the Spanish trumpeter, Adán Delgado, a young but experienced professional that is in increasing demand not only in his country, but also in other European countries such as Estonia and in Asia. His complete profile is very interesting because he keeps a balance between his pedagogy (professor of the Katarina Gurska Advanced Education Center in Madrid), chamber music (founding member of brassONEquintet) and the orchestral world (trumpet soloist of the Spanish National Orchestra).

Those attending the event will also find great teachers of other specialties, such as Michal Dmochowski (violoncello professor at the Jacinto Guerrero Middle Conservatory of Music in Toledo and assistant professor at the Reina Sofía School of Music, Spain), Ángel Sanzo (piano teacher at the Advanced Conservatory of Music of Badajoz and Alfonso X University in Madrid, Spain), Jean-Denis Michat (saxophone teacher of the Regional Conservatory of Lyon, France) and Ricardo Llorca (composition teacher of the Juilliard School and Queen Sofía Spanish Institute of New York, USA).

Attending the classes of these teachers represents, without a doubt, an opportunity for any student of any instrument.

Not only will classes be taught, but you also can enjoy the various concerts given by teachers and students spread throughout the week. This complement to the course allows the students to put into practice what they have worked on and to continue learning from the example of teachers as they themselves perform.

This cultural event you should not miss would not be complete without its traditional Music Competition, which was won by Adán Delgado in the 2008 — dedicated to the trumpet. This year’s session will be dedicated to the cello.

The price of the course is €200 (participating students) or €50 (listeners). In addition, the organizers have provided accommodations for students who need it at the Prince Park Hotel, a 3-star hotel, with double room occupancy, with full board, for only €37 per person per day (optional).

The application deadline is April 30, 2019. For more information, we recommend consulting the official website.

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