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Adam Wakeman: “During This Period of Reflection, When the World Seemed to Pause, It Gave Me Time to Rekindle My Relationship With the Piano and the Classical Style I Started Out Playing on Those Early Albums With My Father”


Adam Wakeman, the accomplished pianist known for his versatile contributions to bands like Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath, takes us on a captivating journey through his musical evolution. From his early piano lessons with Mrs. Pearson, featuring a memorable harpsichord, to a strict teacher on the Isle of Man for his grade 8, Wakeman shares pivotal moments that shaped his piano proficiency.

Wakeman’s decision to pursue a professional career struck at a young age, inspired by witnessing his father, Rick, perform at Wembley Arena with Yes. The interview unveils notable career highlights, including performing at Live 8 with Travis and the emotional final Black Sabbath show in 2017.

Intriguingly, Wakeman sheds light on his piano preferences, owning a Kawai K300 for remote recording and a Welmar upright at home. The interview explores his practice routines, including insights from a book by Carl Czerny that played a crucial role in building finger strength.

The conversation turns to Wakeman’s recent album, “A Handful of Memories,” born out of reflections during the pandemic-induced pause. Each piece in the album is inspired by a place he visited, creating a sonic travelogue accompanied by photo memories.

Delving into his classical roots, Wakeman reflects on recording classical piano albums with his father in the ’90s and shares the unique experience of recording Jazz Sabbath. Despite being recognized for his contributions to heavy rock, Wakeman embraces diverse genres, emphasizing that sincerity and genuine expression are paramount.

As Wakeman discusses upcoming projects, including tours with Damian Wilson and Ozzy Osbourne, the interview offers a glimpse into the artist’s multifaceted musical journey—a journey marked by dedication, diverse influences, and a deep appreciation for the piano’s expressive power.

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