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Julian Martin: “Even as a Teenager, I Was Already Subconsciously Putting Down My Own Roots as a Teacher”


This interview with renowned musician Julian Martin delves into his multifaceted role at the Juilliard School, where he has been a faculty member since 1999, teaching both college and pre-college students while also instructing in chamber music. Martin emphasizes the importance of versatility in contemporary musical education, emphasizing the need for students to be well-rounded and adaptable, moving beyond traditional solo and concerto repertoire. The discussion extends to the distinctive challenges and rewards of teaching pre-college students, with Martin underlining the critical role of early musical formation in shaping future performers.

The interview also explores the historical evolution of Juilliard, reflecting on its traditional roots and the changing demographic landscape. Martin shares insights into the impact of globalization on music education, particularly highlighting the surge of Asian students and the recent establishment of Juilliard’s branch in Tianjin, China. The musician expresses concerns about potential losses in subtlety as European culture integrates with Eastern aesthetics, suggesting a shift in the dynamics of classical music education on a global scale.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered the landscape of music education, prompting adjustments in teaching methods. Martin discusses the challenges and unexpected advantages of virtual teaching, emphasizing the heightened importance of precise verbal communication in conveying musical concepts. The interview concludes with reflections on Martin’s formative experiences studying with influential figures such as Guido Agosti, Robert Casadesus, and Nadia Boulanger, shedding light on their unique pedagogical approaches and the enduring impact of their teachings on Martin’s own methods.

In summary, this interview provides a comprehensive exploration of Julian Martin’s rich experiences at Juilliard, his perspectives on the evolving landscape of music education, and the influence of his esteemed mentors on his teaching philosophy.

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