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Rami Bar-Niv: “It Seems the Piano Chose Me, and That’s What I Did for the Rest of My Life”


This interview delves into the musical journey of acclaimed pianist Rami Bar-Niv, exploring his early exposure to music through familial influences and the trajectory that led him to dedicate his life to the piano. Bar-Niv reflects on his familial musical lineage, from parents who met at the Tel Aviv Conservatory to the musical pursuits of his children and grandchildren, creating a rich tapestry of intergenerational musicality.

The discussion also encompasses Bar-Niv’s published autobiography, “Blood, Sweat, and Tours: Notes from the Diary of a Concert Pianist,” a comprehensive narrative intertwining personal history with global and Israeli contexts. Bar-Niv recounts his experiences stemming from his parents’ pre-World War II immigration, providing unique insights into his life, education, and the challenges of concert touring that unfolded over six decades.

The interview delves into Bar-Niv’s significant contribution to piano pedagogy through his book, “The Art of Piano Fingerings,” shedding light on his motivation to fill a void in the literature. He elucidates the importance of fingering in piano technique, emphasizing its role in articulation and interpretation. Bar-Niv credits his mother’s influence on his teaching approach, combining lessons learned from various teachers to craft a distinctive pedagogical philosophy.

Lastly, the interview explores Bar-Niv’s venture into piano education with the establishment of “Rami’s Rhapsody Piano Camp for Adults.” Delving into the camp’s global reach and the enriching experiences it offers, Bar-Niv underscores the communal aspect of adult learning and the fostering of lifelong friendships. The interview also touches on Bar-Niv’s journey as a composer, highlighting influences ranging from Israeli and Jewish folk songs to Romantic composers, Joplin, and Gershwin. The interview concludes with Bar-Niv offering sage advice to the next generation of musicians, emphasizing the importance of thorough study, self-belief, and persistence in their musical endeavors.

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