Here you will find information on the entire IJM publication process: why you should submit your paper and what happens after acceptance. You will also find resources to help you encourage citations and maximize the readership and impact of your work.

Writing and presentation

Publishing in specialized magazines allows you to communicate your ideas with the rest of the community and demonstrate your impact within your field. In addition, having a track record of published articles is also essential for your career development.

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Submission Guidelines

Please refer to the Submission Guidelines [PDF] for advice on submitting papers to your chosen magazine.

These guidelines refer to three versions of the contribution:

  • Original submission: This is the version submitted by the author before review.
  • Accepted manuscript: This version includes updates made by the author after review (before any typesetting for the magazine). It is usually the version accepted by the editor.
  • Final edition: This is the version edited and typeset by the editor (the same version published on the magazine’s website).

The IJM production process

  • Communication: We are aware of and understand the authors’ desire to see their work published. IJM production editors maintain regular contact with magazine editors and authors throughout the production process.
  • Proofs: We will email proofs to the corresponding author. Please return corrected proofs as soon as possible or within the requested time frame not to delay the publication process.
  • Complimentary access: The IJM grants authors 60 days access to the magazines to which they contribute.
  • IJM production: At the IJM, we place great emphasis on the highest possible production standards. We place great importance on our quality service levels in production and publication. We also try to maintain an excellent relationship with authors throughout the publication process.
  • Continuous publication: Our magazines operate a constant publication model in which articles are published online as soon as they have completed the production process. See the “Content releases” section for the latest published content. In addition, articles are grouped by category (specialty and content type) and are available on the homepage.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the production of your article.

We value your feedback to ensure we continue to improve our service levels to authors.

Help readers find your article

Today, Google accounts for much of the referral traffic to IJM magazines. The search engine is of paramount importance so that your article can be found easily.

The IJM already takes many steps to ensure that its magazines are indexed in the major search engines. However, a search engine will take over 100 factors into account before deciding how to rank your article in their search results, and the starting point is the quality of the content you write.

Taking a few simple steps to optimize your article will help your work get discovered, read, used, and cited in the work of others.

What can you do to help?

  • Carefully choose 3 or 4 key phrases for your article. Remember that people search for key phrases, not single words; for example, “French pianists,” not “pianists.”
  • Decide on the main key phrase. Be sure to include it in the title and as close to the beginning of the article as possible.
  • Get the title right. Make sure the title is descriptive, unambiguous, accurate, and reads well.
  • Include key phrases in the abstract as well. Search engines look at the abstract of your article, which will be available to everyone on the IJM website. Your abstract is not only the sales pitch that tempts the reader to read your article; it is also the information that provides a search engine with all the data it needs to be able to find your article and rank it on the search results page.
  • Use key phrases without overuse. Imagine the phrases that a musician might search for if your article were of interest to them. Google can detect abuse of this, so don’t overdo it; just mention the 3 or 4 key phrases in your abstract, as well as throughout the article, as naturally as possible.
  • Link your article. Link to your article on different online platforms and encourage others to do so, as the number of backlinks is Google’s primary signal to determine the authority of a page. As with the previous guidelines, don’t go so far as to be “spammy.”

Publishing Agreement

The IJM requires the author, as rights holder, to sign a Publishing Agreement for all articles we publish. This is a licensing agreement under which the author retains the copyright to the work but grants the IJM the sole and exclusive right and license to publish for the full legal term of the copyright.

Download the IJM contributor Publishing Agreement [PDF].