At the IJM, we work closely with our editors to ensure our magazines’ strategic editorial development.

Become a guest editor for a magazine

Serving as a guest editor for an IJM magazine can help you advance your career, grow your networks and make a significant impact in your field. You will also be rewarded with free access to all IJM magazines, not just the one you are actively contributing to.

Contact us if you are interested in collaborating as a guest editor for one of the IJM journals.

Proposals for new magazines

If you are interested in launching a new magazine with the IJM, please send us your proposal based on the following guidelines:

Objectives and scope

  1. Who is the magazine aimed at?
  2. What disciplines or sub-disciplines will it cover?
  3. How international will the magazine be, and how will this be reflected in the editorial objectives?
    You should note that, in general, it is important to us that a magazine be genuinely international in scope, both in terms of contributions and editorial structure. However, in most cases, the long-term financial viability of a magazine depends on obtaining a significant proportion of its subscriptions in America. Therefore, the need to attract the American and, secondarily, the European market must be addressed.
  4. What are your intentions, if any, regarding foreign language contributions?
    We encourage you, for practical reasons, to consider at first limiting contributions to the English language. If you wish to translate articles, you should think a) who will be responsible for translation and b) how decisions will be made about articles in languages not known to the editors.

Justification of the magazine

  1. Why is the magazine necessary?
  2. What is the background to the proposal in terms of the current and future development of the field?
  3. How will the magazine relate to existing magazines in the U.S. and Europe, and what will your magazine offer that they do not?
  4. Are you confident that you will find an audience for the magazine and that you will generate sufficient high-quality contributions?

Board of editors and management

  1. Who will be the editors of the magazine?
  2. Who would you invite to serve on the editorial board?
  3. How do you propose to manage the administration of the magazine, and what role, if any, do you see for the editorial board in this process?

Format of the magazine

  1. What articles will be published in the magazine?
    Please include the simulated content of the first two issues of the magazine. This does not need to be the actual titles of the articles but rather the type of distribution of areas and authors you plan to address.
  2. How many issues per year do you plan to publish?

Market profile/potential

  1. At the beginning of the magazine’s life, we would rely heavily on individual subscribers and institutions. Could you (roughly) quantify your idea of the overall market size regarding the number of potential subscribers?
  2. Would the market be easy to reach?
  3. What is the international distribution of potential institutional subscribers? In particular, what is the state of the field in the U.S. and Europe?
  4. Is there currently, or will there be, a teaching base in the field that will consolidate demand from libraries?


  1. When do you think the first issue of the magazine would be published?