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Andrés Martín: “It’s Not Just About How Well You Play; It’s About How Well You Live Your Life”


This interview explores the multifaceted musical journey of Andrés Martín, a versatile bassist, composer, and teacher. Beginning his musical pursuits on the guitar at age five, Martín later transitioned to the double bass at his father’s encouragement. Initially drawn to rock music, his life took a transformative turn when he joined a youth orchestra, sparking a love for classical music and orchestral collaboration.

Martín shares insights into his career evolution, from playing in symphony orchestras to embracing the tight-knit atmosphere of a chamber orchestra in Mexico. A pivotal mentorship with composer Alberto Núñez propelled Martín into the realm of composition, leading to the creation of his own concerto for bass. His experiences, including a significant encounter with Jeff Bradetich and performances at the International Society of Bassists (ISB) Convention, marked turning points in his career.

Reflecting on the balance between composing, performing, and teaching, Martín discusses the challenges and rewards of finding equilibrium. The interview delves into his sabbatical from the orchestra, the impact of the pandemic on his career, and his newfound focus on holistic musician well-being. Martín emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach, encouraging aspiring musicians to prioritize overall health and happiness alongside musical proficiency.

As a coach and teacher, Martín shares his wisdom on the significance of social connections within the global bass community and challenges the notion that virtuosity alone determines success. His unconventional advice encourages aspiring musicians to consider a holistic approach, recognizing that a fulfilling and balanced life contributes to enhanced musical capabilities.

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