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Héctor Sapiña: “You Must Prepare Your Skills With a Goal”


This interview with Héctor Sapiña, principal double bass of a world-renowned orchestra, offers a captivating narrative of his musical evolution. Born into a family deeply rooted in the Santa Cecilia Musical Society in Cullera, Spain, Sapiña’s initiation into music was familial and historic. From early percussion experiences with cymbals to a fascination with the versatility of the double bass, his journey unfolded organically within the rich tapestry of Santa Cecilia.

Sapiña’s technical prowess and eclectic approach to his instrument are unveiled as he discusses the diverse instruments he employs for distinct repertoire, ranging from German and Italian double basses to a Spanish one for Baroque music. Notably, he underscores the evolving landscape of double bass craftsmanship, emphasizing the pivotal role of luthiers in shaping the instrument’s sonic identity.

The interview delves into Sapiña’s international studies, underscoring the influence of his uncle, Javier Sapiña, and culminating in his graduation from the Haute école de musique in Geneva, Switzerland, under the tutelage of maestros Franco Petracchi and Alberto Bocini.

Amid the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Sapiña reflects on the resilience of musicians, emphasizing the importance of adapting to new modes of musical expression. He outlines upcoming projects, including performances with Ensemble D-cadences, showcasing a commitment to community engagement through collaborations with organizations like the Swiss Red Cross.

As Sapiña contemplates the significance of the double bass in diverse musical settings, he encourages aspiring bassists to embrace a holistic approach to learning. Beyond technical proficiency, he advocates for a broader engagement with musical culture, setting realistic goals and fostering collaboration.

The interview provides a comprehensive glimpse into the multifaceted life of Héctor Sapiña, where heritage, education, and a dedication to innovation converge in a harmonious symphony, echoing through concert halls worldwide.

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