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Lorraine Campet’s Advice for Double Bass Students


As a successful young double bass player, Lorraine Campet is probably best placed to give some advice to today’s double bass students.

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Do you have any advice for future double bassists?

Listen to a lot of music, a lot of different musicians of all generations, and don’t limit yourself to listening only to the double bass repertoire! Try to attend other classes in your music college. Sometimes we think that because we play an instrument, the advice of a teacher of another instrument cannot be useful to us. How wrong! The more open-minded we are, the more we progress in all aspects. And never reduce the double bass to just a musical instrument, detached from music. We don’t play an instrument; we express emotions in music through an instrument that we love. We are the humble go-betweens between great creators and the public, so our responsibility is huge. We must never forget that.

Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share with the readers?

We must never forget why we do music. We do music because it gives us the chance to confront something infinitely greater than us, beyond our limits. We become better human beings, and we can do some good for other musicians and to our dear audiences. We also know that to become a professional musician means to be compared to others, be exposed to criticism, to have intensely stressful moments, to constantly challenge ourselves, and to be uncomfortable for the sake of the art. So many of the things which will cause us to lose the essence of life link us to music. We should never forget the key link, because without it, our life becomes senseless!

Full Interview: “We Don’t Play an Instrument; We Express Emotions in Music Through an Instrument That We Love”

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