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Luis Cabrera: “Developing a Good Sound Takes Time and Patience; Just Like the Wood Used to Make a Musical Instrument, It Takes Years to Mature”


This interview with renowned musician Luis Cabrera provides insights into his multifaceted career as a double bass player, educator, and sports enthusiast. Cabrera, currently a professor at the Guildhall School in London and Codarts in Rotterdam, reflects on his journey to success, emphasizing the absence of a magic formula but attributing achievements to hard work and a commitment to high standards. The discussion delves into his gradual progression in the field, from obtaining his first orchestral position at the age of 20 to continuous growth under the mentorship of Rinat Ibragimov.

Cabrera sheds light on the significance of sports and exercise in his life, drawing parallels between the discipline required in physical activities and its translatable benefits to musical endeavors. He shares insights into managing performance anxiety by drawing on experiences from mountain climbing, emphasizing the importance of breath control and a calm mindset. The interview also explores Cabrera’s extensive eight-year period of study with Rinat Ibragimov, detailing the intensity of lessons, technical focus, and the lasting impact on his approach to playing and teaching.

The conversation pivots to Cabrera’s recent album, “Canto interno,” where he discusses the inspiration behind the selection of pieces, including works by Bottesini, Koussevitzky, César Franck, and Robert Schumann. Additionally, Cabrera outlines his current and future projects, including educational videos and potential ventures into contemporary works. The interview concludes with insights into Cabrera’s approach to solo playing, particularly emphasizing the importance of vibrato and phrasing, and reflections on lessons learned during the pandemic, both professionally and personally.

In offering advice to young bass players, Cabrera encourages perseverance, artistic focus, and a broader perspective beyond competitions and auditions. He advocates for personal growth through self-directed projects and highlights the potential for positive changes in the music world post-pandemic.

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