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Petia Bagovska: “In Teaching, There Are No Secrets”


The interview with musician Petia Bagovska provides a comprehensive exploration of her musical journey, shaped significantly by her tutelage under esteemed instructors Todor Toshev and Franco Petracchi. Bagovska reflects on the pivotal role these mentors played during her student days, emphasizing their dual roles as pedagogues and mentors deeply invested in their students’ growth. Professor Toshev’s emphasis on technical precision and Maestro Petracchi’s focus on instrumental technique are elucidated, underscoring the rigorous training integral to Bagovska’s formative years.

The interview delves into the Bulgarian tradition of early musical education and the impact of Bagovska’s experiences on her pedagogical approach. She underscores the importance of fostering a supportive environment akin to a caring family, a sentiment reflected in her own teaching philosophy. The narrative also highlights her encounters with renowned musicians such as Maestro Franco Ferrara and Professor Thomas Martin, contributing to her rich musical exposure during her student years.

The second segment of the interview delves into Bagovska’s extensive career as both an orchestral musician and soloist, spanning Europe and the United States. Her reflections on the challenges of traveling with a double bass and the need for adaptability reveal insights into the demands of a professional musician’s life. Furthermore, the discussion on her diverse experiences, from orchestral work to solo recitals, provides a nuanced understanding of her multifaceted musical journey.

Bagovska’s insights on double bass playing form the third segment, emphasizing the importance of naturalness, tension-free playing, and the pursuit of a balanced sound. Her advice on maintaining a delicate equilibrium between excitement and fear on stage, grounded in meticulous preparation, offers valuable guidance to aspiring musicians. The interview concludes with a discussion on teaching philosophy, where Bagovska emphasizes the significance of passion, inspiration, discipline, and mutual understanding in the teacher-student dynamic.

In the final section, Bagovska addresses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the music industry and musicians. Despite the challenges, she remains optimistic about the eventual return to normalcy and the resumption of live performances. The interview concludes with a glimpse into Bagovska’s ongoing and upcoming projects, including transcriptions of Bulgarian folk music and a forthcoming book on the Bulgarian double bass school.

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