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Musicians With UNICEF


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Leticia Moreno is recognized, in addition to her virtuosity on the violin, for her philanthropic work. In 2016 she was appointed a member of the UNICEF Committee in Madrid, an occasion for which she first presented her project Musicians for Children with UNICEF, expressly creating an orchestra with the desire to raise funds to help the most disadvantaged children through culture and the universal language of music.

Since then, Leticia Moreno has been organizing this fundraising event every year, helping to raise awareness and contributing to the child survival, health, education and protection programs that UNICEF supports in different parts of the world.

In her words: “The idea is simple but powerful: musicians, artists of the world, donate their music to help those children who need it most”.

For the last “Musicians with UNICEF” concert, held in 2019 at the Chamber Hall of the Auditorio Nacional de Música in Madrid, Leticia Moreno altruistically gathered a few friends, renowned soloists such as soprano Ainhoa Arteta, pianists Rosa Torres-Pardo, Alekséi Volodin, Edith Peña and Claudio Constantini, or even the flamenco singer Francisco José Arcángel Ramos “Arcángel”.

In 2020 the concert “Musicos con UNICEF” could not be held due to the pandemic. Still, Violin Magazine congratulates Leticia for such a noble project, and we wish her a prompt return.

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