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Mikhail Pochekin Presents His Transcription for Violin of Albéniz’s “Asturias”


The talented violinist Mikhail Pochekin, in love with Spanish music, has just released his transcription of the famous piece “Asturias” by Albéniz. Here you can watch a video of how it sounds and a sample of the sheet music.

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One of his generation’s most talented violinists is Mikhail Pochekin. His outstanding artistic charisma has won him the admiration of the general audience in addition to the acclaim of numerous esteemed orchestras and worldwide critics.

Along with a lengthy career as a violinist, Pochekin now offers us the transcription for violin of Asturias, one of Isaac Albéniz’s most well-known compositions.

Here’s what the violinist and author says:

Spanish music has always had a special interest to me. And the composer Isaac Albéniz, of course, holds a very special place. The richness of colors typical of his music, lyricism, interesting rhythmic base… All this makes his music very expressive and colorful. “Asturias”, is probably one of his most representative pieces. It was originally written by Albéniz for piano solo, but the first time I listened to it it was performed by the great guitarist Andrés Segovia. And I must say that his interpretation of the guitar inspired me to transcribe this piece for violín solo because it was very clear in my mind how it should sound on my instrument.

I adapted it to D minor in order to make a more natural sound on the violin so that I could use open strings. With some bow strikes, I tried to imitate as close as possible the sound of the guitar. This requires a virtuoso performance from the violinist.

— Mikhail Pochekin

And this is a sample of what the violin sheet music of Asturias (transc. Pochekin, publ. Miotta y Molière, 2022) looks like:

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