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Eckart Runge: “Many Things Are Not Written in Musical Scores, and You Have to Just Trust Your Instinct on That”


This interview delves into the multifaceted career of renowned cellist Eckart Runge, formerly a founding member of the emblematic Artemis Quartet. Runge shares insights into the quartet’s origins, shaped during a masterclass by Walter Levin, and its evolution into a professional ensemble. Reflecting on the challenges of maintaining a string quartet, Runge emphasizes the importance of shared life rhythms among members.

Post-Artemis Quartet, Runge’s musical endeavors span three pillars. His longstanding duo with pianist Jacques Ammon explores the intersection of classical and popular genres. Runge also delves into traditional chamber music, finding renewed joy in the spontaneity of festival collaborations. The third pillar involves orchestral collaborations, highlighted in a recent concert at the Elbphilharmonie paying homage to Astor Piazzolla. Runge expresses a commitment to performing and recording works that contribute something new to the repertoire.

In addressing young musicians, Runge encourages a balance between following an ‘Urtext movement’ and trusting one’s musical instincts. He emphasizes the importance of viewing composers as human and suggests drawing inspiration from spoken word dynamics. Additionally, he underscores the need for performers to engage with audiences, fostering a sense of shared experience in concerts.

Runge concludes with insights into his recent album releases, including a unique juxtaposition of Beethoven and iconic figures from rock, pop, and jazz. His upcoming project, “Baroque in Blue,” promises a fusion of baroque and jazz-related works, showcasing the cellist’s dedication to exploring diverse musical realms.

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