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Jan Vogler: “We Want Our Audience to Experience the Human Emotion We Are Portraying”


This interview delves into the multifaceted world of celebrated cellist Jan Vogler, exploring his personal and professional journey. Vogler shares insights into his cosmopolitan life, shuttling between New York City and Europe, and reflects on the formation of the unique collaboration with actor Bill Murray in their renowned show, “New Worlds.” The conversation unveils the artistic collision between Europe and America, blending music by composers like Bach, Whitman, Bernstein, and Gershwin. Vogler discusses his recent return to the core of cello playing during the pandemic, rediscovering energy and inspiration in familiar classical repertoire.

The interview also explores Vogler’s involvement in creating and managing music festivals, such as the Moritzburg Festival and the Dresden Music Festival. He emphasizes the importance of artists being actively engaged in promoting their work, drawing inspiration from historical figures like Paganini and Clara Schumann. Vogler shares his vision for the future of classical music, advocating for experimentation, unique expression, and the integration of live streaming as a vital component of musicians’ creative output.

As an educator, Vogler offers advice to young musicians, encouraging them to experiment, present their own concerts, and embrace the responsibility of conveying personal narratives through their art. He underscores the evolving language of music in the digital age, acknowledging the impact of technology on performance and interpretation. Through this interview, Jan Vogler provides a captivating glimpse into his artistic philosophy, offering valuable insights for both aspiring musicians and enthusiasts of classical music.

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