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Natalie Haas: “It Is Essential to Broaden Your Horizons a Little Bit and See What Else Is Out There”


This interview delves into the musical journey of renowned cellist Natalie Haas, tracing her evolution from a classical cellist to a prominent figure in the traditional fiddle music genre. Beginning her musical education with Suzuki cello lessons at the age of nine, Haas’s foray into Scottish fiddle music at the Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddle School proved pivotal in shaping her musical trajectory. The interview highlights Haas’s transition from a classical conservatory education at Juilliard to her immersion in the vibrant fiddle music community, showcasing her dedication to mastering techniques and exploring diverse musical styles.

Haas provides insights into her practice routines, emphasizing the importance of maintaining classical fundamentals while incorporating traditional fiddle techniques. The interview details her daily routines, diverse projects, and studio experiences, shedding light on her collaborative efforts with Alasdair Fraser, with whom she formed a groundbreaking duo blending fiddle and cello. The discussion extends to the duo’s historical roots, the rediscovery of traditional Scottish fiddle and cello collaborations, and the subsequent revival of this musical tradition.

As a seasoned performer, Haas shares her experiences touring globally and highlights the unique aspects of performing in different venues, with a special mention of the enthusiastic audiences in Spain. Expressing a deep affinity for Scandinavian music, she discusses her evolving favorites and offers valuable advice to aspiring cellists, encouraging them to explore the unconventional and participate in fiddle camps to broaden their musical horizons.

The interview concludes with a focus on Haas’s music-writing process, detailing the inspiration behind her recent album “Syzygy” with Alasdair Fraser. Haas’s insights into melody creation, arrangement development, and collaborative processes underscore her artistic approach. The interview closes with a glimpse into Haas’s upcoming projects, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning, teaching, and contributing to the rich tapestry of traditional fiddle music.

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