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David Rejano — “Everything but Trombone” (Cid Music Records, 2019)


David Rejano talks exclusively with Trombone Magazine about his debut solo album: “Everything but Trombone.” Listen to it here.

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In 2019 you released your first solo album, Everything but Trombone (Cid Music Records), which includes music originally written for other instruments. What made you decide to do it?

I should mention that the music I listened to all my life wasn’t precisely trombone playing. I didn’t have many recordings of trombone players. Still, I did have many recordings of Luciano Pavarotti, Jacqueline du Pré, Cecilia Bartoli, Alicia de Larrocha; that’s what I enjoyed listening to. I was “slow cooking” this CD for a long time. What kept me from actually doing it was that I couldn’t decide what I wanted to put on my first album. In the end, I decided that it didn’t need to be just trombone music because I rarely listen to trombone music. I decided to ask other people to arrange the music that I always listened to, the music I truly enjoyed. I started writing down names for a long time, what was viable and what wasn’t. Some of them — not possible things — ended up being feasible because I wanted to do them. That’s why I chose the name Everything but Trombone — because there’s nothing original for trombone in that album. I played symphonic music, Four Last Songs by Richard Strauss, from that to a flute and harp suite that I transcribed for trombone and Massenet as well. That’s the music that I truly enjoyed listening to.

Who are some musicians who inspire you?

I would say Luciano Pavarotti. It’s amazing how I still listen to him, and it still makes me feel like I’m tiny in a musical way.


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