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David Rejano’s Highlights


We are excited to introduce Trombone Magazine’s Featured Artist for the September issue: David Rejano.

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  • 1982: Born in Badajoz, Spain.
  • 1994: Started studying with Carlos Gil at Teresa Berganza Conservatory in Madrid, Spain.
  • 2000: Moved to France to study with Gilles Millière at the Paris National Conservatory of Music and Dance, where he graduated with the Diploma de Formation Supérieur, Mention très bien à la unanimité and the Prix Spécial du Jury.
  • 2002: Appointed principal trombone of the Navarra Symphony Orchestra in Spain.
  • 2005: Joined the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra by Daniel Barenboim.
  • 2007: Appointed principal trombone of the Barcelona Opera House in Spain.
  • 2010: Appointed principal trombone of the Munich Philharmonic in Germany.
  • 2016: Appointed principal trombone of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra in the USA by Gustavo Dudamel.
  • 2019: Released his first solo album, Everything but Trombone (Cid Music Records).
  • 2020: Named Professor of Trombone at Colburn School in Los Angeles. Besides that, he started to develop his own brand of practice mutes for brass instruments: Rejano Mutes.

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