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Adam Rapa: “Talent Means Very Little Without Spending Thousands of Hours Developing That Talent Into Skill”


This in-depth interview with Adam Rapa, a virtuoso trumpeter, provides a comprehensive exploration of his musical odyssey. Rapa, captivated by the trumpet at the age of 12, shares the profound moment when his commitment to a professional music career crystallized, drawing an analogy to Arthur’s mythical sword from the stone.

Intriguingly, Rapa discloses his unconventional path, eschewing traditional music education in favor of guidance from teacher Scott Aruda and a self-directed learning journey. This interview sheds light on the influential figures who shaped Rapa’s musical identity, including Phil Wilson and collaborators at Berklee College of Music.

Rapa’s daily practice routine is unveiled as a dynamic and adaptive process, emphasizing problem-solving and a holistic approach to technique. The interview provides a peek into his on-the-road regimen, highlighting quick diagnostics and efficient improvement strategies.

As an educator, Rapa expounds on his philosophy of nurturing self-sufficient musicians, urging students to be artists, scientists, and athletes. The interview also explores the importance of genre diversity in musical studies, reflecting Rapa’s broad repertoire.

Practical advice for aspiring musicians, including equipment selection and mindset considerations, is woven into the interview. Rapa’s candid reflections on stage experiences, handling criticism, and strategies for overcoming performance anxiety provide valuable insights.

The interview delves into audition preparation, emphasizing faith in one’s journey and the inevitability of positive outcomes. Rapa concludes by sharing his eclectic music preferences, offering a glimpse into the diverse influences that contribute to his unique musical expression.

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