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Allen Vizzutti: “If Correct Fundamentals of Relaxed Breathing and Sound Are Not Well Established, Your Practice Will Not Yield the Expected Results”


Delving into the musical odyssey of trumpet virtuoso Allen Vizzutti, this interview recounts his early passion for the trumpet, blossoming into a professional commitment by the age of 13. The interview traces his educational path at the Eastman School of Music and highlights the profound influence of mentors such as his father, Chick Corea, Rayburn Wright, Jeff Tyzik, and Vincent DiMartino.

Vizzutti’s daily practice routine, on-the-road strategies, and teaching philosophy are explored, emphasizing the importance of consistency and musical expression. The discussion extends to his unique approach to selecting mouthpieces and trumpets, offering practical advice for aspiring musicians.

The maestro shares personal experiences, including stage performances and insights into managing performance anxiety. Candid reflections on criticism, eclectic music preferences, and diverse influences enrich the narrative. Vizzutti’s wisdom is encapsulated in advice for students and teachers, emphasizing daily practice, efficient fundamentals, and a balanced approach to embouchure building.

The interview culminates with Vizzutti’s thoughts on audition preparation, stressing the significance of first impressions and a varied, clean, and in-tune performance. Through this interview, the tapestry of Allen Vizzutti’s musical journey unfolds, offering a glimpse into the mind of a master trumpeter.

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