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An Attractive Way to Introduce the Trumpet to Children as Well as Older Adults


Joan Enric Bonastre (specialized in the teaching of music and literature) is the one responsible for creating ‘Tom and Around the World on the Trumpet’, a musical tale with the trumpet as the protagonist, and an excellent way of presenting our instrument to the youngest of students in schools, with the aim of showing the…

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The tale is called Tom and Around the World on the Trumpet. We take a trip around the world and realize that Tom, and his grandfather Sam, are introduced to the trumpet as one of the most versatile instruments that exists, with a wide range of styles and sonorities that emerge according to where the story takes place.

To make it more interesting, the book is full of attractive illustrations by the painter Pau Morales, and also includes a CD with the narration of the story and the recording of all the music that accompanies it, with different types of trumpets (Bb, piccolo and the Baroque trumpet) and percussion. Collaborators on the recording are Javier Medrano as the narrator, Carles Herruz as the trumpeter and Xavi de la Salud as the percussionist.

Tom and around the world on the trumpet is also an idea that has been extrapolated for the stage, since it is centered around creating an entertaining show focused on children and family audiences, ideal for working with animation and reading, listening to music and being introduced to artistic sensitivity. Here is a video trailer of the show:

This new CD-book has seen the light from the hand of the Librusión publishing house, specializing in this type of educational content, and can be acquired in Amazon in both Spanish and Catalan at this very moment. Likewise, the publisher seeks more distributors, outlets and people who might be interested in working on disseminating this project.

At Trumpet Magazine, we feel lucky to have projects like this musical tale Tom and around the world on the trumpet, as it is an original and enchanting way to promote the study and choice of our instrument at an early age.

If you have a music store and want to contact Librusión to distribute Tom and around the world on the trumpet, or you simply want to buy the CD-book or carry out a project related to it, please contact them.

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