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Chad McCullough: “I’m Not Really a Fan of Differentiating Between ‘Classical’ and ‘Jazz’ Trumpet… We All Play Arban’s and We All Play Charlier”


In a captivating interview, Chad McCullough, a seasoned trumpeter, recounts his musical journey from school band beginnings to professional stints in Seattle’s jazz scene. McCullough shares insights into his love for jazz, early mentors, and collaborative experiences with the likes of Miguel Zenón and Maria Schneider.

Offering practical advice for aspiring jazz trumpeters, McCullough emphasizes daily practices, attentive listening, and the integration of diverse influences. He discusses his approach to learning new pieces, navigating live performances, and the holistic nature of jazz education.

McCullough challenges the classical-jazz dichotomy, advocating for a unified approach to trumpet mastery. He details his instrumental preferences, endorsing AR Resonance trumpets and Hub Van Laar flugelhorns.

The interview concludes with McCullough’s reflections on criticism, performance anxiety, and his evolving appreciation for jazz sonorities. His advice for stepping onto the stage centers on the importance of breathing and embracing nervousness as a sign of dedication. Chad McCullough’s journey serves as a guiding narrative for musicians aspiring to navigate the intricate world of jazz.

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