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Davy DeArmond: “Good Teachers Are Definitely Part of That Process to Help Point You in the Right Direction”


This interview with accomplished musician and educator, Davy DeArmond, offers a comprehensive exploration of his musical journey, from the early influence of his trumpet-playing father to his extensive education and experiences in the world of music. DeArmond shares insights into his teaching philosophy, emphasizing the importance of self-assessment, thoughtful practice, and the continual pursuit of improvement.

The interview delves into the atmosphere of the schools where DeArmond teaches, highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities presented by smaller institutions. He provides a nuanced perspective on the diverse levels of students he instructs, with a particular fondness for one-off lessons aimed at helping individuals prepare for auditions or overcome specific challenges.

A focal point of the discussion is DeArmond’s teaching approach, characterized by a methodical process that prioritizes individualized guidance. He encourages students to develop their own exercises, fostering self-sufficiency and a deeper understanding of their craft. The interview also touches on recommended technique books, showcasing a range of resources beyond the traditional Arban and Clarke studies.

Furthermore, DeArmond shares valuable advice for both students and teachers. For students, he underscores the significance of active listening, maintaining a robust practice process, and developing the ability to self-diagnose. For teachers, he advocates for a questioning approach, guiding students to think critically about their performance and fostering a more thoughtful generation of musicians.

Overall, this interview with Davy DeArmond offers a rich tapestry of insights into the world of music education, providing a valuable resource for aspiring musicians and educators alike.

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