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Edward H. Tarr: “Musicianship Is Just as Important as Technique”


In this insightful interview with the distinguished trumpeter Edward H. Tarr, the maestro reflects on his captivating musical journey and the pivotal moments that shaped his illustrious career. From the initial spark of fascination with the trumpet through a hymn to the realization of a full-time profession during his time in Europe, Tarr unveils the profound influences of mentors such as Don Pratt, Roger Voisin, and Adolph S. Herseth on his formative years.

Tarr delves into his diverse musical palette, highlighting the importance of exploring multiple genres to enrich one’s musical perspective. With a meticulous daily practice routine, he emphasizes the delicate balance between playing and resting, elucidating the significance of maintaining peak performance.

The interview provides a glimpse into Tarr’s teaching philosophy, emphasizing the equal importance of musicianship and technique. He shares insights into his approach to selecting equipment, such as mouthpieces and trumpets, and offers valuable advice to aspiring musicians, urging them to engage with real music beyond technical exercises.

Tarr’s passion for trumpet history surfaces, revealing how it naturally intersected with his musicology studies. He discusses the challenges faced on stage, the role of constructive criticism in artistic growth, and strategies for managing performance anxiety. As a renowned educator, Tarr provides advice for audition preparation and shares his favorite classical compositions, with a special nod to Dennis Brain.

The interview concludes with a reflection on Tarr’s favorite trumpet piece, Franz Joseph Haydn’s Concerto for Trumpet in Eb Major, and a generous sharing of Vince Cichowicz’s warm-up exercise. Throughout, Edward H. Tarr’s profound insights, wealth of experience, and dedication to the trumpet shine, offering a valuable resource for musicians and enthusiasts alike.

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