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Elisa Koehler: “Mouthpiece Buzzing Exposes (and Often Cures) a Multitude of Embouchure Problems”


This interview with Elisa Koehler, a prominent musician and scholar, provides a comprehensive insight into her musical journey, pedagogical approach, and dedication to historic brass. Koehler’s trajectory from aspiring orchestral trumpeter to accomplished conductor and scholar is detailed, shedding light on her diverse experiences and influences. She emphasizes her passion for period instruments, reflecting on her performances with various ensembles and her role as a conductor.

The interview delves into Koehler’s teaching philosophy and daily trumpet routine, revealing her emphasis on mouthpiece buzzing, flexibility studies, and period-specific practices. Koehler shares her preferred equipment, detailing the brands of trumpets, mouthpieces, and unique period instruments she employs, providing a glimpse into her versatile musical arsenal.

As an educator at Goucher College, Koehler expresses her expectations for students and her commitment to fostering a disciplined, determined, and musically adept learning environment. She addresses a common concern among young players today, emphasizing the importance of reading books, and concludes by offering a valuable exercise for simulating the natural trumpet experience on a modern B-flat trumpet.

This interview serves as a valuable resource for aspiring musicians, educators, and enthusiasts interested in Elisa Koehler’s multifaceted musical career, pedagogical insights, and commitment to the exploration of historic brass instruments.

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