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Huw Dann: “If You Never Practice Getting Tired, You’ll Never Get Tired”


This interview traces the musical journey of Huw Dann, a trumpeter whose passion ignited in Melbourne’s jazz scene. From early exposure in school to formal training at the Victorian College of the Arts, Dann’s influences range from classical to jazz. His professional debut with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra stemmed from seizing unexpected opportunities.

Dann’s teaching philosophy emphasizes lifelong learning and individuality. He shares insights into practice routines, instrument selection, and the importance of rest. The interview explores personal anecdotes, including stage mishaps and strategies for managing performance anxiety.

Dann’s eclectic taste spans classical, jazz, and flamenco. Influenced by vocalists and instrumentalists, he identifies strongly with classical music. His favorite trumpeters, Håkan Hardenberger and Miles Davis, reflect this diversity. Despite a preference for orchestral repertoire, Dann reveals a fondness for Enescu’s “Légende” in the solo trumpet genre. The interview provides a glimpse into the multifaceted identity of this seasoned musician and educator.

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