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Ingrid Jensen: “If You Have Patience and a Will to Keep Learning Forever, You Will Only Get Better”


This interview with renowned trumpeter Ingrid Jensen provides a comprehensive insight into her musical journey, offering reflections on her early exposure to jazz, her self-taught approach, and the influential figures who shaped her career.

Jensen shares thoughts on her preferred collaborators and the importance of a dynamic and creative daily practice for aspiring jazz trumpeters. She provides valuable advice on ear development and improvisation, emphasizing the significance of playing with others. The interview delves into her meticulous approach to studying new pieces, whether for recording sessions or live performances. Jensen reflects on her experiences, offering guidance on navigating the competitive world of jazz education and pursuing a career in the field.

The interview concludes with personal insights on equipment choices, dealing with criticism, handling stage anxiety, and the joy of performing. Throughout, Jensen’s passion for jazz, dedication to continuous learning, and emphasis on individuality and expression shine through, making this interview a valuable resource for aspiring musicians and jazz enthusiasts alike.

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