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Louis Dowdeswell: “The Most Important Thing as a Trumpet Player Is That We’re Able to Be Adaptable to Our Current Environment”


Louis Dowdeswell, a renowned musician, traces his musical roots to a childhood influenced by his mother, a music teacher. From piano at four to trumpet at eight, he developed a passion for music, earning a scholarship to Wells Cathedral School of Music. Emphasizing adaptability in practice, Dowdeswell shared insights into his warm-up routines and the importance of efficient playing.

As a Yamaha artist, Dowdeswell praised the brand’s quality, consistency, and commitment to innovation. His mastery of the trumpet’s high range, he explained, stems from understanding the science behind playing and focusing on efficiency. Beyond solo work, Dowdeswell engages in diverse projects, from jazz albums to studio recordings for film soundtracks.

Dowdeswell’s approach to improvisation leans towards being a commercial musician, emphasizing the creation of perfect solos through playing, singing, and composing. Inspired by trumpet legends like Wayne Bergeron, Dowdeswell values collaborations with contemporary musicians in London.

The conversation shifted to Dowdeswell’s YouTube channel, initiated in 2011, where he combines trumpet performances with elaborate big band arrangements. He detailed the meticulous recording and producing process, highlighting his evolution on the platform.

Looking forward, Dowdeswell discussed plans for a new album and expressed enthusiasm for future projects. Throughout the interview, his commitment to maintaining high standards in his big band and pursuing projects aligned with his artistic vision was evident.

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