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Randolph Lee — “La Trompeta Camaleónica” (Mark Records, 2019)


In the expansive landscape of South American trumpet music, “La Trompeta Camaleónica,” my latest album, emerges as a personal and collaborative odyssey into the versatile dimensions of the trumpet. Developed in tandem with composer and pianist Mauricio Arias, the project originated from the lingering impact of his college magnum opus, “Rapsodia Camaleónica.” The album’s title embodies its thematic essence, symbolizing the trumpet’s transformative ability to adopt an array of colors and characters. Post our joint performance at Carnegie Hall, a shared impulse led us to etch the concerto into the album, capturing its essence with an orchestral accompaniment.

At the nucleus of the album stands the eponymous masterpiece, “Rapsodia Camaleónica.” Seamlessly melding trumpet and piano against an orchestral canvas, it not only anchors the album but encapsulates the spirit of our collaborative journey. Deliberate inclusion of compositions by other South American artists enriches the tapestry, offering a reflection of the contemporary trumpet music landscape in the region while amplifying the voices of fellow musicians.

A pivotal element of the album is the commissioning of Mauricio for a new composition, resulting in a piece for band and trumpet. This collaboration extended to a dynamic performance and recording with the University of Florida Symphonic Band, providing a platform to showcase the trumpet’s adaptability across diverse ensembles. Contributions from composers such as Eduardo Manzanilla and Ulisses Rocha bring cultural richness and stylistic diversity to the album, weaving connections among South American musical traditions and fostering an exchange of vibrant ideas.

In conclusion, “La Trompeta Camaleónica” transcends a mere collection of compositions, offering a sonic expedition that celebrates the trumpet’s chameleon-like ability to evoke a spectrum of emotions. The collaboration with esteemed composers, exploration of varied ensembles, and thematic cohesion underscore the depth of South American trumpet music. Much like the chameleon depicted on the album cover, the trumpet, in its camaleónica form, continually adapts and evolves, resonating with the ever-shifting dynamics of contemporary musical expression. The album stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration and collaboration, defining the very essence of music.

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