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The ‘4-Valve Edition’ Cornet in High A — a New Instrument by Stomvi


One of the last creations for the Stomvi brand by Vicente Honorato was the high ‘4-valve Edition’ cornet in A, placed in the same tessitura as a piccolo trumpet.

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The first thing that draws your attention, is its compact appearance; with a double curved bell, the distance between this and the fourth piston is only 10 cm (3.94 inches) in length.

Another thing that comes to mind — typical of the 4-valve Titan series — is how the 4th slide is bent, maintaining a compact effect of this instrument but giving it enough length to aid with tuning. Ergonomically, it is very comfortable, and having a trigger on the first slide and a ring on the third facilitates any tuning corrections when the need arises.

By having a larger air passage than usual on a piccolo, the sensation of the blow is very pleasant and free, because it does have as much resistance.

The fact of having a cornet bell allows for the sound to be louder than that of a piccolo, but does not lose any ease of playability in the upper register; ideal for anyone who wants a noble and large sound — perfect for filling-in any trumpet section of the orchestra, especially with the woodwinds and strings, if the repertoire requires it.

This cornet is built in A, and has an upper register whose partials are very close together, yet is easy to play at the same time. This instrument does not offer a change into B-flat, as in the case of a piccolo, which may limit its functionality to some (although, after playing it, it poses many wonder opportunities).

You can play it using any piccolo mouthpiece, although the mouthpiece that comes standard (5EP Corn) gives the best results, as it is a bit deeper than the standard piccolo mouthpiece and allows for more air flow.

The Stomvi ‘4-valve Edition’ cornet in A was officially presented to the international market at the 2019 Frankfurt Musikmesse.

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