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Stomvi Onstage With Modern Music and Jazz


Last month, we published an article about classical trumpeters and professors from around the world that play on Stomvi instruments. Now, it’s the jazz and commercial music trumpeters’ turn.

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More than 130 trumpeters, from 20 different countries, on 5 continents, are Stomvi official endorsers. And not only do they play these instruments, but are also active collaborators of the prestigious Spanish brand, helping to perfect the instruments to achieve the highest precision in their respective fields.

Stomvi trumpets can not only be found on the stages of great symphony orchestras or in classrooms of universities around the world, but you will notice that the Stomvi sound is also present in numerous jazz shows, pop and commercial music, such as Circo del Sol, Ricky Martin, Broadway musicals, and even the recent film La La Land, among others.

Here is the complete list:

“Playing with Stomvi is versatility and comfort.”
— Carlos Acosta (trumpeter of the Andrés Cepeda band, Colombia)

— Nicolás Benítez (freelance trumpeter, USA)

“As a child, I always played with the same instrument and I never thought that having a trumpet made for me could really take me to another level, to another sound concept. With Stomvi, I feel that all the sounds flow, without the need to ‘enter the boxing ring’ with the trumpet.”
— Linda Briceño (soloist, singer and composer, USA)

— Dayhan Díaz (freelance trumpeter, Colombia)

— Gary Eisenberg (freelance trumpeter, USA)

“For me, my Stomvi trumpet means comfort and elegance.”
— Gustavo Escobar (recording artist and trumpeter of the Ricky Martin band, Chile)

— Paul Evans (jazz soloist, United Kingdom)

“My trumpet allows me to obtain the sound I seek, with minimal effort. Thanks to its versatility, I can adapt to different musical situations.”
— Voro García (jazz soloist, leader of the Voro García Quintet and professor of the Joaquín Rodrigo Advanced Conservatory of Music of Valencia, Spain)

— Javier González (recording artist, USA)

— Stan Hernacki (freelance trumpeter, USA)

— Erick Jovel (freelance trumpeter, USA)

— Jason Levi (Cirque du Soleil performer and freelance trumpeter, USA)

— Jim Manley (freelance trumpeter, USA)

“Stomvi has the classic concept in its construction, but at the same time it offers audible flashes of Latin American jazz and the tropical genre.”
— Luis Perico Ortiz (trumpeter, producer, composer and arranger, Puerto Rico)

“It is easy to get a powerful sound and a large amount of harmonics with Stomvi instruments. I am very happy and proud to be a part of this beautiful family.”
— Anthony Pérez (trumpeter at Miami Brass Quintet, Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson and Sonora Carruseles, USA)

— Joe Pino (jazz soloist and trumpeter on the national Broadway tour of Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway, USA)

— David Pittel (freelance trumpeter, USA)

— Bobby Rodriguez (jazz soloist and adjunct associate professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

— Phil Rodriguez (freelance trumpeter and trumpeter of Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, USA)

— Jim Rotondi (jazz soloist and professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria)

— Walter Simonsen (freelance trumpeter, USA)

— Fabio Spinella (freelance trumpeter, USA)

— Cristóbal Ulloa (freelance trumpeter, Chile)

— Ray Vega (recording artist and lecturer at the University of Vermont, USA)

“My Stomvi trumpet is all the compliment I need.”
— Yturvides Vílchez (international soloist, Venezuela)

— Bijon Watson (freelance trumpeter and trumpeter of the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, USA)

— Pepe Zaragoza (jazz soloist, Spain)

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