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Is There a Range of Intermediate Trumpets That Offers the Qualities of a Superiorly Built Instrument?


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Normally, brands will manufacture a range of instruments for students and a another range for professionals, the latter obviously being more expensive because it’s manufactured with a greater degree of detail and superior quality materials.

However, Stomvi is aware that there are young people who take their studies seriously but still can not access a high-end instrument, and has created the Elite line, which is a very balanced instrument. These are so versatile, they can be used by students of intermediate to advanced levels, and even by professionals. Precisely for this reason, the Elite line includes a great diversity of models that we normally use: B-flat (two different models), C, E-flat/D, F/G, piccolo in B-flat, cornet and flugelhorn. In other words, with Elite, you can play without problems in band, orchestra, chamber music, brass quintet, jazz, or even popular music… Stomvi has you covered

These are possibly the leader of any series of trumpets in relation quality-price. That is to say, the Elite series does not belong to the highest-cost range of Stomvi (those are the Master and Titan series), but in spite of this, it also serves as a professional line. In other words: the price of these trumpets is among the lowest in the market without the quality being affected.

To give you an idea: all these instruments leave the factory silver plated within 1,000ths (gold, on demand), and they also come with the top and bottom valves caps in gold. The quality of the finish is superior, as the creators of the Stomvi brand come from the world of jewelry making.

But what are the features and prices of the different Stomvi Elite models? We detail it below:

Stomvi Elite 330 (Bb)

Elite 330-ML in Bb

ML pipe with .458″ (11,64 mm) diameter.
Bell model 27 with 4 3/4″ (120 mm) diameter.
Main tuning slide and leadpipe are reversed.
Price: 1.961 €.

Stomvi Elite 250 (Bb)

Elite 250-ML in Bb

The same as the model 330-ML, but without the reverse tuning slide and leadpipe.
Price: 1.961 €.

Stomvi Elite (C)

Elite in C

L pipe with .461″ (11,72 mm) diameter.
Bell model 23 (has the same diameter as the bell of Bb model, but the bell flare widens a little later).
Price: 1.961 €.

Stomvi Elite (Eb/D)

Elite in Eb/D

M pipe with .453″ (11,50 mm) diameter.
Bell model 20 for both Eb and for D, with a 4 17/32” (115 mm) diameter.
Price: 2.560 €.

Stomvi Elite (F/G)

Elite in F/G

M pipe with .453″ (11,50 mm) diameter.
Bell model 20 for the key of F and 18 for the key of G (the latter somewhat narrower and smaller).
Price: 2.843 €.

Stomvi Elite piccolo (high Bb/A)

Elite Piccolo in Bb/A

M pipe with .453″ (11,50 mm) diameter.
Bell model 18 with 3 55/64″ (98 mm) diameter.
Price: 2.175 €.

Stomvi Elite cornet (Bb)

Elite Cornet in Bb

L pipe with .461″ (11,72 mm) diameter.
Bell model 27 with 4 3/4″ (120 mm) diameter.
Price: 2.177 €.

Stomvi Elite flugelhorn

Elite Flugelhorn

S pipe with .425″ (10,80 mm) diameter.
Bell model 35 with a 5 29/32” diameter, the largest and widest of the series, available in yellow brass (standard) or copper (for a more robust sound).
Price: 2.555 € (yellow brass) / 2.711 € (copper).

We have asked for the opinions of many different professional players who have had the opportunity to try the Stomvi Elite series, and all agree, highlighting the tuning and ease of play. The sound of these trumpets is not strident, and they are very flexible when looking for different colors, which facilitates the work of the trumpeter no matter what job they are trying to do.

As we always say, the best thing for you to know what an instrument is like, is to try it, so we recommend looking for any Stomvi exhibition (many Stomvi exhibitions are done at the end of the year) or even get in touch with the factory for more information.

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